Solar Airplane Embodies "Use Less and Live Better" at Green Week 2011

The solar powered airplane, Solar Impulse, can fly day or night without fossil fuels photo

Image: Solar Impulse

As the biggest annual conference on European environmental policy convenes this week in Brussels, the solar airplane Solar Impulse HB-SIA features as the embodiment of the conference theme "Use Less and Live Better." After completing the first international flight from Switzerland to Brussels, the Solar Impulse will stay on to represent the technological excellence that Europe wants to embrace on its path to a renewable-energy based future. Green Week 2011 focuses on building the economy, and a better life for citizens, with efficient use of resources, leverage of research, and commitment to change. The conference brings together participants from EU governmental institutions, business and industry, and Non-governmental organizations. Side events organized around the Solar Impulse, which can fly day or night without fossil fuels, are intended to inspire people to commit to change, to demonstrate the bright alternative future that is possible with human ingenuity.

The Solar Impulse adopt-a-solar-cell promotes participation by anyone who shares the idea that the solar airplane represents. And Green Week encourages European citizens to get involved, with other side events including screenings of the films The Lightbulb Conspiracy, Amazon Alive, The Story of Stuff, Il Suolo Minacciato and an outdoor exhibition "Measure for measure, daily food - daily garbage" by Rosanna Maiolino. The LIFE Nature Project Awards will present the projects judged to have the most positive impact on the environment.

Anyone who cannot make it to Brussels can join in with streaming video of the conferences at Greenweek Live.

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