Software Helps Schools Control Printing Costs/Paper Usage


Awhile back we featured an incredible sticker saying "These come from trees" that helps to reduce paper usage by 15% over the course of its lifetime... But when the typical school with 1,000 students finds they're spending almost $20,000 a year on printer paper, toner, and maintenance, you can be sure that eventually someone will find a way to help manage the cost in a bigger way. Enter GenevaLogic, a company that's releasing software to helping schools do just that by controlling the amount of copies each user can print, as well as the type of content printed too across large system platforms... That can make a big difference both financially and environmentally, especially when students often print out reams of stuff for the simplest of projects without taking into consideration the impact they're having on the planet. That's helping schools to "go green" while also teaching kids that paper is a valuable commodity outside of school as well. And it turns out the folks at GenevaLogic will be planting a tree for every download of a free 30-day trial of its print-management solutions, Print-Limit and Print-Limit Pro through a collaboration with The National Arbor Day Foundation. Want to give it a shot? Then head here for the free download...


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