So What is the First Stimulus Project in the Nation?

first in nation project photo

It would have been symbolic. It would have been nice if the first project out of the stimulus gate had been a green, sustainable poster boy for the future.

So what is the very first project out of the stimulus gate, started ten minutes after the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was approved? A highway bridge in Missouri. "Once we heard that this [the federal bill] was coming, we had two months of advance planning," says a spokesperson.

Within minutes, contracts were signed and workers raced to work to start digging holes, spending the first of $637 million for road and bridge projects in Missouri.

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"Today the Show Me State again showed the nation we are leaders in transportation by having the first economic recovery act project in the country under construction," Missouri Department of Transportation Director Pete Rahn said. "We promised we would be ready to go to make the best use of every dollar we receive through the economic recovery act to create jobs and make our highways safer. We delivered on that promise and then some." Press release

I suppose this should be no surprise.

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