Snow Cave Saves Tahoe Skiers


Two skiers who disappeared near Lake Tahoe during a storm were found yesterday after two days in the cold. Patrick Frost, 35, and Christopher Gerwig, 32, both of San Francisco, created a snow cave shelter that saved their lives. Of course, you might not be thinking about this during a life-or-death situation, but snow caves are made of an all natural, potentially rapidly renewable material and only emit water (come Spring). The skiers used a plastic baggie to melt snow (you can use a recycled one). Tips for the best snow cave?

Make sure the sleeping platform is elevated, placed above the entrance, and poke a breathing hole in the roof. Oh, and the skiers got the idea from TreeHugger parent company the Discovery Chanel. Check out their survival guide to read more important tips (like what do do when you meet a bear). When is a snow cave not a good idea? When you make them in Texas. Also see ::the Quinzee Igloo ::How to Green Your Outdoor Sports ::Ask TreeHugger: Don’t Eat Yellow Snow…or Black…or Brown…or Pink…

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