Smock Paper Offers First Bamboo Stationary Line

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Smock Paper is the first company in the US to offer "printing on luxury bamboo paper." For those of you hosting a party, getting married or just looking for something different to write home to mom on, Smock Paper offers an alternative paper made on fast-growing and pesticide free bamboo. Smock offers a product that harks back to an earlier era when artisans took care, time and attention to detail to make a good product. While the paper is made in a european mill, the paper is printed and pressed in their workshop in Syracuse, NY and this is where the magic happens. Smock paper is letterpressed at a 500 year old European mill on bamboo paper and inspired by Amy Graham Stigler, which some of you may know from Snow & Graham. The designs all have a very simple, clean, classic look, with soft color patterns.

Bamboo grows very fast, requires no pesticides, and very little water during production. When pressed, the paper has a very soft feel to it, making it feel fancier than plain paper stationary. Smock Paper is pretty excited about the benefits of bamboo such as it's ability to detoxify wastewater and its natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

The inks used on the paper are all vegetable-based and low-VOC inks, and all aspects of the print-making process that can be recycled are. The keepsake boxes are made in the shop from 100% recycled materials.

Smock Paper is powered by wind energy and is a member of 1% For The Planet, donating 1% of profits to environmental causes working to protect the planet. All packaging is tree-free, petroleum free and certified biodegradable. They also offer customers the option of a tree-planting with their order and work with American Forests. They even have a one, three and five year environmental plan, which you can read online.

Smock Paper also looks after its employees by subsidizing 20 week Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) memberships, as well as subsidized bus passes. Smock Paper is also a member of Co-op America's Green Business Network.

You can find Smock paper online or in their store in Syracuse, NY and coming soon to paper stores around the US.

Update from Smock Paper: The bamboo for Smock paper is sources in Thailand and is not currently FSC-certified as there are very few companies with this certification, though Smock Paper is working on purchasing from one of these sources. The currently bamboo stock is confirmed to be non-GMO, not illegally harvested, and not produced in areas where traditional or civil rights are violated. The bamboo is harvested by local farmers and is not taken from natural forests that have been turned into plantation or non-forest use.

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