Smart Fortwo: 20,000 U.S. Sales and Growing

Smart Fortwo On Street Photo

Photo by Phillip Ritz

A once in a lifetime event happened this past Thursday in Dallas, Texas. The 20,000th Smart Fortwo was delivered to customer Patrick Zipper. We always see those computer advertising gimmicks claiming that we were the 20,000 person to click on a site, but imagine what it would be like to actually be the 20,000th customer of something, and receive an award of mass public attention and corporate celebration.While not everybody likes the looks of the ultra compact Smart Fortwo, we now know that at least 20,000 consumers in the United States, including Patrick, do. This milestone for Smart signifies the brand is actually ahead of schedule in terms of sales for the year. 10 months into production of the newest model and the company is already boasting to top these sales figures by next year, this same time.

The popularity of the Smart continues to be questioned as more a vehicle of stature rather than fuel economy and environmental efficiency, according to reports by some Treehugger's and consumers. Smart, perhaps recognizing this, claims that the Fortwo shall continue to sell like hotcakes no matter how low gas price remain... and not because of any more substantial reason than it has become a "lifestyle" and a "journey".

Sounds rather spiritual and poetic, but us Treehugger's would like to hear something a little more tangible for our dollar!

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