Smart Eco-Youths in England Create Solar Blinds as Way to Help Power Homes, Businesses Everywhere


What if the blinds in hotels, homes and businesses around the world were able to collect solar energy during the day, turning it into a source of energy to power nightlights, security lights, and even the blinds themselves instead of just "hanging around"? That's the question a group of students from Blakewater College in Blackburn, England asked themselves in response to the Green Gadget of the Future contest created by Comet Electrical which asks students to come up with a green gadget designed for the home that could become ubiquitous within 50 years.

So the 15 boys and girls from the Environmentally Friendly Group at Blakewater set to work; spending two months researching, discussing and designing the blinds that has them placed among the top 5 entries out of 1000 in the competition.
And I suspect they'll put the grand prize of £20,000 worth of energy saving equipment for their school to good use if they win. And that's because a group of students who are clever enough to come up with one great idea most certainly can find another.

The winning entry is expected to be announced Dec. 10, 2007.

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via:: The Citizen

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