Six Questions About Fracking Only An 'Ecofascist Industry Tool' Would Ask

Industrial tool.

Below are six fracking questions that appear not to have been carefully studied and publicly addressed.

The last question, whether fracking is likely to become an important election issue, is one we'll post about in detail in coming days. Answers to the other five require investigation and analysis by trusted third party(s). We'll have to wait for that, realizing that election campaigning could speed up, or slow things.

Stirring the pot.
The headline of this post contains two of the more interesting names I've been called in comments made on earlier posts about climate and natural gas. I've mashed them up them in the headline as a humorous way of indicating I have no preconceived ideas about the what the answers might look like.

Six questions.

  1. To what extent might fracking-associated earth tremors rupture natural gas well seals or caps, increasing the potential for water-well and indoor air pollution?

  2. Is the Federal Mineral Leasing Act of 1920, an unconstitutional infringement on States' rights, to the extent that potential adverse impacts of gas extraction may extend to adjacent private properties?

  3. Did fracking fluids ever contain industrial waste mixtures which, if pumped into the ground for non-gas production purposes, would have been regulated as hazardous waste?

  4. Is the potential for radon intrusion into homes commensurate with methane intrusion? (See Related post on methane intrusion, to left of your screen.)

  5. Once groundwater is tainted by fracking, will that contamination be continuous for many years; or, does that pollution abate quickly? Can a half-life be estimated for critical constituents?

  6. Will voter concerns with fracking and associated jobs be a significant factor in the 2012 presidential election?

Six Questions About Fracking Only An 'Ecofascist Industry Tool' Would Ask
Plausible questions about fracking impacts that so far have not been publicly addressed