Site Makes Sharing Your Boat, Plane or 2nd Home Easier (and Green?)

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Image credit: Britt Reints, used under Creative Commons license.

Second homes, boats and planes don't generally rank up there as "must have" items for your average TreeHugger—although Lloyd did launch a spirited defense of his own "sinful" second home a little while back. But what if folks could be encouraged to share those big ticket items that they only use once in a blue moon? A new website aims to connect people wanting to share any type of infrequently used asset, and to assist them in actually managing the costs and practicalities of shared ownership too. When I wrote about some 'sharing lawyers' who were aiming to smooth the path to collaborative consumption, Paul Citarella left a comment to tell us about diyFractional, a site he had just launched to help make shared ownership easier.

Part social network connecting would-be sharers, and part management app that provides scheduling, expense tracking and reimbursement, voting, issue tracking and other helpful features, diyFractional is looking to overcome many of the perceived fears, hurdles and hassles that usually stand in the way of people taking the plunge and sharing what they have.

This is, of course, at the other end of the economic and environmental impact scale compared to tool libraries and sharing gardens, but if collaborative consumption can be applied to the basics in life, then it sure as heck can also apply to the luxuries. In fact, the larger, more resource intensive an asset is, the more sharing it can make a difference.

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