Sir Nicholas Stern Explains Himself Directly To Financial Professionals

Sir Nicholas Stern has just published a guest editorial piece in the Financial Times, in which he addresses comments made about his recent report on the economic benefits of mitigating C02 emissions. What a Gentleman he is, saying "I am keen to respond to some of the questions that have already arisen and to explain some further thinking about what I believe to be an innovative new approach to looking at this problem". And elegant too: "The bottom line is that the less weight you attach to the future simply because it is the future, the less you will value investments in a stable climate. If you consider that the needs of future generations should be represented in decision-making, the case for strong mitigation is overwhelming". His Financial Times narrative serves as a good faith communique to delegates to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, now meeting in Nairobi. If he really wants to reach beyond those in government, to the money managers and captains of industry, we think he'll have to take them on at their level, Mr. Rogers-like. Perhaps Sir Stern could therefore invite them to view this lovely video-byte called Beautiful Day, produced by Chris Sargent for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Sir Nicholas Stern is head of the UK Government Economic Service and a former chief economist of the World Bank. The Stern Review report discussed in the Financial Times piece can be found here, in full.

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Beautiful Day came to us via Coolz0r.

Photo credit: TCS Daily