Sir David Attenborough Condemns Climate Change

Sir David Attenborough, Britain's esteemed presenter of nature documentaries, has spoken out on climate change. Voted the most trusted celebrity in the country, he has so far not publicly acknowledged the dangers of global warming in any of his popular documentaries. Even Planet Earth, done in 2006, (see Treehugger) on the extinction of the polar bears did not mention rising global temperatures as a cause. Now Sir David has spoken out: "I'm no longer sceptical. Now I do not have any doubt at all. I think climate change is the major challenge facing the world. The thing that really convinced me was the graphs connecting the increase of carbon dioxide in the environment and the rise in temperature, with the growth of human population and industrialisation. The coincidence of the curves made it perfectly clear we have left the period of natural climatic oscillation behind and have begun on a steep curve, in terms of temperature rise, beyond anything in terms of increases that we have seen over many thousands of years." He goes on to say "I'm 80 now. It's not that I think, like any old man, that change is wrong. I recognise that the world has always changed. I know that. But the point is, it's changing more extremely and swiftly than at any time in the past several million years. And one of the things I don't want to do is to look at my grandchildren and hear them say: "Grandfather, you knew it was happening - and you did nothing." ::Independent