Simran Sethi on EQ.TV + Live Webcast Interview TODAY with Al Gore 1:30 Eastern

Simran Sethi will be moderating a conversation with Al Gore today at 1:30. In anticipation of this meeting of great green minds,, brings us insight into our colleague Simran's core concerns with this video from the annual conference of B.A.L.L.E., the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies. She tells us that when she first saw the impact of big businesses, she determined that she wanted to give voice to the people who were being affected by companies but had no say in matters. So she set her sights on learning and developing language to talk about the good that business is doing as well as the opportunities big business has to do more. What emerges from this on-camera interview is a reminder that the relationship between business and others (be they consumers or citizens or animal species), is correlative to that of journalist and audience. The reporter is there to speak truth, therefore the participation of the audience itself as subject becomes critical:

The key is that everyone needs to realize that they have a story and their stories are important and compelling and that they have to speak up. We have that power within us to make those changes happen. Unless we speak our truth, unless we hold people accountable, unless we speak truth to power, nothing will change. So tell your stories.