Silly or Safe? Bike Condoms A New Niche Product for Bike Sharing

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In bike-sharing mecca Barcelona, there's a new way to make waste - put a pair of bike condoms onto the handles of the shared bike you are just about to take for a spin. Perhaps these are necessary gear for the germ-phobic who haven't yet read right here on TreeHugger that a little bit of bacteria may be a good thing. Originally created for gym enthusiasts (the video after the jump, while in Spanish, is suggestive enough for anyone to understand), these handle covers are now creeping onto the streets. Yet will these same germophobes be careful to peel off the product - and properly dispose of it?
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"If you are going to touch...Cyclean"
That's the slogan for this product, and Cyclean claims that in Barcelona alone, there's a big market for bike handle condoms, since 130,000 people are signed up for bike sharing, and six million trips have been made. Those are great numbers for a successful bike sharing program, Bicing. But are the germs a worry?

Well, yes, and no. There are lots of germs, on bikes, at the office, in the street, yes, folks, germs are everywhere. You can't avoid them, really. A modified version of this same type of protector is widely used as shoe covers at hospitals and at doctors' offices in Sweden. So they probably have their place. However, wouldn't wearing your own pair of bike gloves and then periodically washing said gloves at home have nearly the same effect? So far, these condoms, which are described as made from "non-woven cloth" are available only in Barcelona's bike shops and on the web site for five Euros for a box of 18 pairs...cheaper than the real thing! And what are you supposed to do about all the germs that might creep onto your fingers while you are trying to stuff this cloth sausage onto the handle bars? Via BikeSnobNYC
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