Sign Savers — Deciding Which Political Yard Signs and Bumper Stickers to keep for Future Elections or Memorabilia


While some important political, racial, and environmental red tape may have been broken in this election, this latest battle between red and blue was anything but green when it comes to the waste created by campaign entourages swinging through up to 7 states in one day.

Those of us who place importance on the environment and our role as facilitators within the natural world are left with a fresh start and a more promising future. But in the immediate future, we are also left with the residue of campaign yard signs and bumper stickers, of which some may have an afterlife. Before you recycle your signs, think about being a sign saver.

Here are some tips about choosing which signs to hold onto and which ones to recycle:1. Choose and Save signs that aren't out of date after one election. Usually there are a few different signs you can choose from for your candidate, party, or propostition. Some signs do not have the election year posted on it and thus can be used again in future elections. Who would have thought that a Clinton sign from 16 years ago could have been used again this year.


this Clinton sign from 1992 and Nader sign from 2000 could have been used again in two subsequent presidential elections
2. Creative Reassembly –Sometimes it is as easy as flipping a sticker over.


3. Cut and Paste

nothing a razor blade can't fix should any of these candidates go rogue, switch parties, or have a family member campaign in the future.
4. Save Signs with Simple Slogans - In a few years, no one will even remember who said it or who’s campaign it belonged to. It can just be a reminder to your neighbors about "Change", "Hope", etc.


5. Keep Signs that double as memorabilia after the Election.

Keep these in mind when choosing signs and stickers for the NEXT election. It'll be here before you know it! We can be certain that some of the same candidates will reappear with a few more wrinkles in their faces and few more dents and scratches in their salvaged campaign artifacts from sign savers like you.

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