Sigg's Slip Up, Profitable Organics, and Tips for Your Workplace


A weekly wrap up of green and socially minded business news from the gang at

Three Tips for Engaging Employees in Sustainability - Working on making your company greener? Getting the whole crew on board is key. Here are three basic tips from green pro Deborah Fleisher.

Making Drinking Water From Thin Air (Literally) - Startup Company AWS launches a device that can pull pure water out of the air, but the cost may be a little over the top for widespread application.

Sigg's Slippery Slip-up: How to Lose Partners and Alienate Customers - If there's one thing you never do in customer relations it's lie. Even if the fib feels inconsequential, your customers may feel deeply otherwise. Can Sigg recover from the BPA Debacle?

Froot Loops are Good For You - Or so suggests the new industry-funded "Smart Choices" food labeling system. How can these guys make these claims with a straight face?

The Business of Organic Farming - Like the idea of becoming an organic farmer but woried the economics will put you in the poor house? Sage advice from Makenna Goodman suggest you can have your kale and eat it too!