Sierra Magazine, November-December Issue

With the holidays just around the corner, eating well is on everyone's minds (including ours). So Sierra, the magazine of the Sierra Club, has devoted a sizable portion of its latest issue to Green Cuisine. Readers will discover how the state of Alabama is promoting farmer's markets to combat obesity, and how farmers markets everywhere, along with community gardens, are challenging the supremacy, and the bland sameness, of convenience foods. Eric Schlosser of Fast Food Nation fame takes a look at the costs created by America's very cheap food, and Gary Paul Nabhan celebrates the resurrection of meals native to regions of the country. In addition to this sumptuous spread of green foods, the November-December issue takes a look at a thirteen-year-old Rhode Island student who started an e-waste recycling program in his town, the warming of the stock market to climate change, and a green Marine. Finally, on this US election day, Carl Pope's consideration of the environmental do-nothing Congress is required reading before going to the polls. A subscription to Sierra comes with membership in the Sierra Club. ::Sierra November/December 2006