Sierra Club Announces 'We Are One' Day of Action

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The Sierra Club is planning a 'We Are One' day of action that draws a common line between worker's rights, civil rights, and environmental rights. On April 4th, green groups, labor organizations, and civil rights advocates will join together to call for a more equitable nation; one in which corporations aren't endangering the public with excessive pollution and actively downsizing the middle class. From the release:

"Today, Dr. King's vision of a just, equitable America is under attack by corporate polluters and their political allies across the nation," said Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune. "The Sierra Club is marching on April 4 in solidarity with the working families of America, and we are committed to protecting Americans' fundamental rights to bargain for good jobs and fair treatment, to breathe clean air and drink clean water."
We need more action like this.

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