Sicily: Good Pizza, Lagging Recycling Effort

This week, Italy held a Packaging Waste Management conference in Palermo. An article covering the conference on reports the country is making strides towards a 45 percent recycling target, set by the government to be achieved in 2008. But Sicily, where "recycling has all but started," according to Italian Environment Minister Altero Matteoli, sticks out like a sore thumb. In fact, the region, which currently has on the table proposals to develop four incinerators, seems completely at odds with the rest of the country (unforgivable, even with organic marzapan). Recycling in Sicily, the article notes, is at 5.4 percent—a number far lower than the national average of 23 percent. Is the future for this cosmopolitan region, formally a Greek colony, a Roman province, an Arab emirate, and a Norman kingdom, greener? Perhaps. Landfills used to be the primary waste solution—and 85 percent, the article reports, have been shut down. In addition, a new waste management structure seems successful in "keeping mafia infiltrators out."
Image courtesy of the St. Petersburg Times