Shop Local

Some very talented artists are using their work as a way to bring green issues to public attention in striking ways. They have created carrier bags, tee-shirts and now Shop Local. It's an art project developed by British artists Bob and Roberta Smith. Troubled, and inspired, by the demise of small businesses in their artsy east end area, they created faux advertising hoardings for five local shops. The works of art were painted on old brickwork in unusual places, in an old fashioned style. They included the name, address, and description of goods offered and the tag line "Shop Local". The stores "advertised" were Ron's Eel and Shellfish, Hoxton Fruit and Veg and Dad's Unisex Hairdressers. The billboards salute those faded painted advertisements from the late 19th and early 20th century that are the ghosts of businesses past. They are ostensibly advertising but they are also art. They champion the little guy and what he stands for in the face of corporate branding. Especially for this project, Bob and Roberta Smith also produced this SHOP LOCAL shopping bag, made in India using 100% recycled cotton, fair wage and fair labour. :: Peer Gallery