Shop Local: Buy a Wedge Card

Shopping locally is about supporting local merchants and independent businesses in the face of the onslaught of chain stores. More than 1,000 stores in London have closed in the past four years. By encouraging people to shop in their neighbourhood, an active and loyal community with a good social mix develops, as well as there being less car usage. The Wedge is a loyalty card with a difference. No store with more than 10 branches can participate. The card costs 20£ ( 39$), of which half goes to local charities. It then gives special offers and discounts, usually 10% off, at nearly 100 shops. Merchants hope that the Wedge Card will give people an extra incentive to shop there rather than in the superstores. Maggie at French's Dairy sums it up: 'I feel very lucky to be amongst traders who are all pulling together to preserve what we've got. It's essential, absolutely essential, otherwise, what does the world become?' Initially the money will all go to two local charities, but in future customers will be able to choose the charity to benefit from their card. :: Wedge Card via :: The Independent