Shocking Discovery: Organic Poultry Operations Have Fewer Antibiotic Resistant Germs

chicken nuggets feeding photo

Chicken Nuggets Feeding. Image credit:, Flickr, PetroleumJelliffe

Here's a big surprise. As reported by the Baltimore Sun, field testing demonstrates that: "Poultry farms that use organic methods that don't involve antibiotics have significantly lower levels of drug-resistant bacteria that can potentially spread to humans, according to a new study led by the University of Maryland's School of Public Health."

If the grant supporting this new research finding was from a Federal source, you can bet some owned Congressworm will make sure it gets yanked during upcoming Federal budget negotiations.Pathogen populations fall as soon as farmers stop feeding prophylactic doses of antibiotics to poultry.

"But we were surprised to see that the differences were so significant across several different classes of antibiotics even in the very first flock that was produced after the transition to organic standards. It is very encouraging."
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