Shocker: Political & Industrial Influence Forced EPA to Downplay Concerns About Fracking's Eco-Impact

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New York Times has some more information on fracking that you should pay attention to, this time in regards to how EPA concerns about the environmental impact of the natural gas extraction procedure were actively downplayed, and impact studies deliberately narrowed by politicians effectively wanting to keep the public in the dark.

The documents show that the agency dropped some plans to model radioactivity in drilling wastewater being discharged by treatment plants into rivers upstream from drinking water intake plants. And in Congress, members from drilling states like Oklahoma have pressured the agency to keep the focus of the new study narrow.

In fact EPA had planned to call for a moratorium on fracking in the New York City watershed last year but that part was removed due to political influence when the federal agency sent a letter to the state of New York.

This latest revelation comes less than a week after the Times released documents showing that fracking has created significantly higher levels of radiation in drinking water than the industry has reported.

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