Shell Oil Spill in North Sea has Loosed 55,000 Gallons So Far


Photo credit: mikebaird via Flickr/CC BY

Shell has released a statement saying that an accident on one of its rigs in the North Sea has led to 56,000 gallons of oil spilling out thus far. The oil giant is calling the disaster "significant", and it doesn't bode well for Shell's current plans to drill in the Arctic in the United States. Here's the Associated Press:

Royal Dutch Shell estimated Monday that 54,600 gallons of oil have spilled into the North Sea from an oil rig off Scotland's eastern coast.

The Gannet Alpha oil rig, located 112 miles (180 kilometers) east of the city of Aberdeen, is operated by Shell and co-owned by Shell and Esso, a subsidiary of the U.S. oil firm Exxon Mobil.

Glen Cayley, technical director of Shell's European exploration and production activities, called the spill "significant" given the amount of oil that generally spills into the North Sea.

"We care about the environment and we regret that the spill happened," he said.

Well, as long as Shell says its cares about the environment, I'm satisfied. And not concerned in the least bit that the Obama administration is fast-tracking Shell's plan to drill in the Arctic, even though his own Coast Guard has said that it is completely unprepared to deal with a spill there.

Nope, I'm sure everything will work out for the best, just as long as Shell cares about the environment.

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