"Share or Die" Gives Voice to Youth in Recession

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From tool libraries to car clubs, much has been written about the rise in collaborative consumption. But, for many people, particularly young people struggling with a major economic meltdown, this is about much more than a new way of consuming things—it's about a new way to relate to each other and forge a new future. Share Or Die is a collection of essays from Shareable.net that gives voice to this generation:

America stands at a precipice; limitless consumption, reckless economics, and disregard for the environment have put the country on a collision course with disaster. It's up to a younger generation to rebuild according to new forms of organization, and Share or Die is a collection of messages from the front lines.

Available, appropriately enough, as either a free e-book, or for $15 as a PDF version, this looks set to be an important missive on the value of doing things differently.

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