Shaq's Monstrous Carbon Footprint

Shaquille O'Neal's SUV

It seems as if the only thing bigger than Shaquille O'Neal is his monthly gasoline bill. According to the Detriot Free Press, basketball star/actor (if you want to call Kazaam acting)/part-time Miami police officer Shaquille O'Neal spends $23,000 per month on gasoline for his harem of automobiles. This, in addition to $1,500 per month for cable television and $17,000 for clothing, are figures O'Neal (or more likely his attorney) came up with to calculate his monthly expenses in his recent divorce filings. So, even though these figures should be taken with a grain of salt, there is still quite a bit of consumption going on here.
The 7,000 gallons of gasoline he buys every month is approximately 15 times more gas than the average American uses in an entire year. We wonder just how much time it takes at the pump to go through 7,000 gallons every month? How does he find time to do anything else?

Our solution: Have somebody point "The Diesel" towards biodiesel. Or better yet, have Shaq-Fu buy a fleet of hybrids for his entire crew.

Thanks to tipster toyotaboy.

:: Via Jalopnik

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