SF Green Festival 09 - Earth Tones Phone Company Gives 100% of Profits to Green Action Groups

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A phone company we actually admire...is it possible? It might be with Earth Tones, the environmental internet and phone company. The company, on top of providing great rates and services, also gives monthly green alerts to keep you updated on eco-issues, and gives all of its profits to green charities, What other phone company gives all of its profits away? To green organizations?!No one, except Earth Tones, that's who.

"Earth Tones is the only communications company to donate 100% of its profits to environmental organizations. We offer high-quality long distance telephone service, wireless service and internet access to help you keep in touch with the important people in your life."

Environment America, National Environmental Law Center, Toxics Action Center, Recycling Action Campaign...these are just some of the groups that Earth Tones funds. On top of this activism, the company sends out a monthly Green Alert to customers letting them know about an important issue to take action on. This month, it is "Time to Repower America!" which urges people to call President Obama about renewable energy - "Will you join with our coalition of environmental groups to show President Obama that we support his efforts to repower America ?"

They also list actions to take from saving the Arctic to cleaning our air.

Oh yeah, and it's a company with competitive rates for phone, internet and wireless access...with no contracts. It's communication gone green. Now the only trick is to make sure they have a profit to give away, so if you're in the market for a new phone service, check them out.

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