Sexy Tramps Greet Duck Stamp Callers

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Duck Stamp in Sex Scandal

Paul Walsh of the Minneapolis Star Tribune appears to have broken a story that will lead to a lot of chuckles and some exasperation. Hunters who have purchased the self-adhesive $15 Federal Duck Stamp and use the number printed on the card to order more stamps are greeted by a sexy voice advising them that they can "talk only to the girls who turn you on" for $1.99 per minute. The root of the error: the Federal Duck Stamp program phone number 1-800-STAMP24 was turned into the toll-free number for a sex-line, 1-800-TRAMP24, when the prefix 782 was mis-printed as 872.An Innocent Error Could Cost Ducks' Lives
About 3.5 million of the duck stamps, featuring a pair of pintail ducks in artwork by Plymouth artist Joseph Hautman, are affixed to a card bearing the erroneous sex phone number. The Tribune contacted Rachel Levin, of the Fish and Wildlife Agency, to learn that reprinting the cards would cost $300,000. The agency is relying on the understanding and sense of humor of the nation's hunters to accept the printing mistake so that the money can be put into vital habitat protection. The Agency reports having no reason to believe the typo was anything other than an innocent error.

Are Duck Sex Stamps Collectible?
Waterfowl hunters 16 years and older are required to carry a current version of the Migratory Bird Conservation and Hunting Stamp, more commonly known as the Duck Stamp. Perhaps collectors will get in on the game now, boosting monies which can be funneled to wetlands conservation and selling out the typo versions so that reprints will be available to the more dour hunters. Hunters who are concerned can also purchase the lick-and-stick variety of stamp, which was printed free of similar errors. Or get the comic version and remember: dial 1-800-STAMP24 for STAMPS.

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