Seven Green Jobs That Will Make You Rich

#4. Environmental Manager
Even if you don’t attain the “Very Privileged” title, a simple “environmental manager” in the US earns between $65,066 and $97,344. All of the impacts from manufacturing the products you buy are overseen (hopefully) by an environmental manager. In larger companies, there will be several environmental managers, each dedicated to specific duties like air, water or waste. Many companies have one or more environmental managers dedicated to each production facility. Companies that are truly committed to ecological performance will try to promote candidates out of the environmental department so the environmental dedication and skills become integrated into higher levels of management in the company.

#5. Ethical Investment Advisor or Analyst
The average annual wage for a personal financial advisor is $89,220; in New York $131,660. With the recent nosedive in global stock markets, it is hard to be upbeat about a career in investment. But this too will pass. And when the markets start to recover, there will be a strong demand for investment vehicles with the security of growth and the promise of sustainability. Before the crash, over 2.5 trillion dollars, or one George Washington out of every Alexander Hamilton (that’s 1$ out of every 10$ for our readers less familiar with US currency) was invested in socially responsible funds. Take some tips from Changemaker Nicolai Petersen of Actics on why he went over to the green side of greenbacks.

#6. International Environmental Politics
Median income for a public relations manager in a political or similar organization is $51,400. Salaries may be higher for employees with scientific or professional capabilities. The Green trend is driving expansion of internationally active groups. Recently, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation circulated a job description for a Senior Communications Director to TreeHugger (naturally the opportunity was shared with TreeHugger readers). A click on the Gates Foundation job board or search for vacancies at well-known groups such as WWF or Conservation International will prove fertile ground for job hunters.

#7. Cleantech
Cleantech. The word buzzes with the novelty of a sector with growth rates of 20 to 40%. If you don't yet have the confidence to take a stab at venture capitalism or executive management, there are still a lot of green jobs that pay well. While many jobs in auto manufacturing, steel production and other traditionally “dirty” industries have gone offshore, demand for electricians (with a median income of $44,780) and welders (median $32,270) rises with each new wind tower. Operations managers at companies springing up to meet the demand for green products can earn over $50,000 per year. So brush up your resume, it's time for a job search!

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