Seth Godin: "Global Warming" is Badly Marketed

Seth Godin
Seth Godin is a marketing guru, an influential blogger, and the only person who can get away with having a bald head as a website logo. In a recent post, he explains what he thinks is the problem with "global warming" from a brand's point of view. Why we are faced with "what might be the greatest threat ever to the future of mankind" yet "no one is marching in the streets, the outrage is largely intellectual and action is slow." Seth believes that the lack of a proper reaction from most people comes down to two things: 1) the name, 2) the pace and the images. Head over to Seth's blog to read the whole thing, but to give you an idea, here's a choice cut: "If the problem were called 'Atmosphere cancer' or 'Pollution death' the entire conversation would be framed in a different way." Indeed it would. ::The problem with "global warming", ::Treehugger Interview with Seth Godin, ::Seth Godin on Whale Oil, ::Seth Godin on Green Marketing