Send a Message with eBay's Reusable Boxes

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Image credit: eBay Green Team

Used and pre-owned markets on eBay are a pretty green place to shop, but they're not perfect. Packaging and shipping items between sellers and buyers are obvious weaknesses in the system. To solve some of these problems, the eBay Green Team hosts an annual Innovation Expo that calls on employees to contribute ideas to make eBay's business and community more environmentally friendly.This year, the winning idea was a simple one: A sturdy box designed to be reused. The concept takes advantage of the fact that most eBay buyers are also sellers, and vice-versa.

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Image credit: eBay Green Team

The box also plays to eBay's community, offering users a place to write a message to pass along to the next recipient.

To start, eBay is printing 100,000 boxes from 100% recycled, FSC-certified corrugated cardboard. Most of these were given away at a live unveiling, but there are still a few available to lucky readers of the eBay Green Team newsletter.

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