Senate Climate Bill Will Price Carbon But No Cap-and-Trade, Has 'Huge Assistance' for Coal Industry: John Kerry (Video)

By this point you've probably heard that a new Senate climate bill will be revealed at the start of next week. Well, Politico has done a video interview with John Kerry where he discusses what he can about the bill (still being negotiated/compromised) and what it will and will not contain. Watch the videos for the full scoop, but here are the bullet points:

  • The bill will put a price on carbon but not through a cap-and-trade system.
  • It aims to reduce US dependency on foreign oil by 50% over the life of the legislation, though the exact time period hasn't been revealed.
  • Taxpayers will get refunds to help reduce energy costs.
  • It will include "huge assistance" to the coal industry.

That "huge assistance" comes in the form of pushing research into 'clean coal' technologies--something which any long time reader of TreeHugger knows most of our writers (if not all) doesn't think too highly of, due to the fact that the carbon emissions are just one part of coal's horrendous environmental impact and technological concerns about CCS ever being able to store the massive emissions from widespread burning of coal.

Basically clean coal is a distraction. And a payoff to the coal industry.

One more video, where Kerry speaks about political tactics: Politico
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