Sen. To Wife: "Don't Wake Kids" While House Is On Fire!!!!


At least that's part of a conversation I can only imagine between Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma and his wife as their house is burning down around them with the kids upstairs sleeping! The Senator, who is considered by many to be a front-runner in the race to become this country's "Ostrich-in-Chief" on the subject of global warming has loudly decried the news that none other than Laurie David should have the audacity to write a book describing the global catastrophe in terms that even children can understand. According to Inhofe, it's simply an attempt by some to "fill the minds of children with 'sky-is-falling' global warming hysteria". So bear in mind that this is not a book to be filled with doom and gloom, but instead takes a rather irreverent and entertaining look at the process Its' title alone bears nothing of the outlandish hyperbole Inhofe himself has proffered up in protest, as it's appropriately named 'The Down-to-Earth Guide to Global Warming'. Written for ages 8 and up, it's sure to be packed with facts and essential information on what kids of all ages can do to help slow down the single greatest threat to our existence. Expected to be released in September, it promises to be a great addition to any classroom when kids head back to school.