Sen. Feinstein: Ban BPA from Food and Beverage Containers


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My Senator, Diane Feinstein of California, has penned a blog in the Huffington Post calling on Congress to ban BPA -- short for bisphenol A, the ubiquitous component of plastics that has been linked to infertility and cancer. Feinstein authored the Ban Poisonous Additives (BPA) Act of 2009, which would eliminate the use of BPA from all food and beverage containers.Writes Sen. Feinstein:

BPA leaches into food products and beverages, especially when heated in plastic containers. Moreover, a growing body of scientific evidence shows that exposure to this chemical, at very low levels, may be dangerous for humans - especially during prenatal development and early infancy.

Nearly 200 scientific studies show that exposures to low doses of BPA, particularly during pregnancy and early infancy, are associated with a wide range of adverse health effects later in life.

Increased risk of breast and prostate cancer. Genital abnormalities in male babies. Infertility in men. Early puberty in girls. Type-2 diabetes. Obesity. These are just some of the health problems now being linked to BPA exposure.

Earlier this year, SIGG, the maker of water bottles, was stung after it came out that their aluminum containers contained BPA. They offered to take back old bottles and replace them, free of charge.

Feinstein's bill would:

--Ban the sale of reusable beverage containers (including baby bottles and thermoses) that contain BPA.

--Prohibit the use of other food and beverage containers (including canned foods and baby formula) from being introduced into commerce.

--Provide for renewable one-year waivers for manufacturers that can show the FDA that there is no technology allowing the manufacture of a particular product without the use of BPA.

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