Sen. Bernie Sanders: Building Tar Sands Pipeline "Will Keep America Addicted to Oil" (Video)

Bernie Sanders, the independent senator from Vermont, last captured the nation's attention with his passionate sort-of-filibuster that took on the rising income inequality gulf in America, and skewered a political culture that increasingly favors the wealthy and corporate interests. Now, one of the nation's last truly populist senators is publicly condemning the proposed tar sands pipeline that the Obama administration is currently considering for approval -- and applauding the good folks working to stop it. Sanders is absolutely right when he says the following: "Building this pipeline will keep America addicted to oil, and while it might be a good idea for Koch Industries, which supplies and refines large volumes of Canadian tar sands oil, it is a bad deal for our country."

He also happens to be right that our nation's top scientists say that evidence for human-caused global warming is "unequivocal", and that approving this pipeline will both symbolically and literally tether our fate to a fossil fuel-dependent economy for the foreseeable future.

Sanders closed by sending a shout out to author and activist leader Bill McKibben, as well as the thousands of people who are working to raise awareness of the issue -- and who will soon face arrest when participating in one of the largest-ever actions in the U.S. climate movement, by taking to the White House this August 20th to protest the tar sands pipeline.

Read more about the protest at Tar Sands Action
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