"SEE"ing Change


Progress is the movement towards a goal, or forward advancement. It can be measured by pencil marks against a wall showing a child's growth; by saving pennies and quarters in a jar; by a budding forest where there was once no trees. When it comes to building a sustainable future, progress can be measured by the financial investment businesses and individuals are making to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) and other pollutants.

Yet progress towards a sustainable future must be about more than just numbers - it must encourage smarter businesses, support more efficient communities and empower individuals. Progress must spur cultural change, which then fosters continued progress.

Today, Business Roundtable is proud to release "SEE"ing Change: 2008 Progress Report, the first progress report for our S.E.E. Change (Society, Environment, Economy) Initiative, which was established in 2005. In "SEE"ing Change, 32 member companies showcase their specific business efforts to promote environmental stewardship, social progress and economic growth.

S.E.E. Change demonstrates how our member companies' dedication to sustainable development has produced innovative products and services that reinforce and support their environmental goals. They've made sustainable progress a core component of their business practices, linking business growth to their strong commitment to the society and the environment.

Take a few moments to watch our 3-minute video, which highlights just a few of the changes taking place. For more detailed information, read through the "SEE"ing Change report. You'll see what our member companies have been doing and where they are going on their companies' sustainability journeys.

"SEE"ing Change Video Highlights