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Sometimes it seems like everything is a business opportunity. There was a time, a mere year or two ago, when making seed bombs, to be used in guerrilla gardening, was a quaint home-grown experience.

Now, into the breech steps comes Seedboms, ready-made and sold in packages of 4, for a mere (!) £9.95 (US$ 16). Next thing we know, people will be hiring gardeners to throw them.

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Produced in Scotland, they are handmade from locally reclaimed and recycled materials such as post consumer paper and used egg boxes. They also contain organic peat free compost, organic fertiliser and a selection of easy to grow flower seeds. They break down over time and biodegrade into the environment leaving only flowers behind.

Each bomb contains a different kind of seed. There are sunflower bombs, nasturtiums, native wildflowers and cornfield flowers.

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And while we are at it, guerrilla gardening has hit the big time too. It's featured in 5 of Selfridges' (a London department store) Wonder Windows. Not to be too picky, but there is no real explanation provided, just the name "Guerrilla Gardening" and these vehicles. None of this does much to promote or educate the public about what this kind of gardening is or why one should do it. The whole thing just looks fashionable, although it is not clear why.

It has been curated by Richard Reynolds, London's super-star and adorable Guerrilla Gardener extraordinaire. Also included is Vanessa Harden, and her weapons of mass production. And Greenaid, a a gumball dispenser adapted to sell the classic clay seed bomb.

The vehicles are multi-purpose carriers, one for tools, another to be lugged behind a bicycle. They have fused frames and off-road tires and are hand built in London by Andy Beauchamp. He is a set designer by day and a guerrilla gardener and made these gardening transport contraptions from discarded shopping trolleys and bits of old bicycle. One features a rotating tool rack and water dispenser.

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