Secret Oil Rigs Pump Away in LA, Hidden in Plain Sight (Video)

oil rig los angeles photo

Camouflaged oil rig in LA. Photo via Consrv

You would be forgiven for not knowing that there are a slew of working oil rigs scattered across Los Angeles, hidden in plain sight. But there are. LA sits on top of the nation's third largest oil field--and oil companies would be damned if they'd let all that go to waste. So, it turns out that they have rigs pumping away throughout the massive city--and not even the city's residents know about it. Amazing video after the jump.This video short from Palladium Boots takes you through the strange, secret world of oil rigs in Los Angeles.

It just goes to show how deeply oil is embedded in the veins of our country--and that people despise it enough for the companies to actively attempt to keep their operations quiet.

From Palladium Boots via the Huffington Post Green
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