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planting a tree

Courtesy Alexindigo, via Flickr.

The internet is a big bunch of web sites. And the search engine is your guide.

So if you're going to search, why not earn a few bucks for yourself, and plant a few trees while you're at it?No, this isn't one of those get-rich-quick schemes.

It's a site called

You search, you earn digital dollars that can be redeemed for rewards, like T-shirts, restaurant gift certificates and electronics.

The site is now allowing people to donate their swag to reforestation.

Swagbucks has teamed up with Seed the Future for the project.

Fifteen swag bucks = one tree. Or, you could forgo a KISS iPod shuffle (900 swagbucks) and plant 60 trees.

The virtual money benefits projects in one of 17 counties around the world. You also can earn swagbucks by donating cell phones and mp3 players for recycling.

Since the redemption offer started in early August, there have been about 20 to 25 redemptions per day toward the reforestation programs, according to a write-up on ZDNet.

Search results are via Google and Ask, so you shouldn't get too lost out there.

(Disclaimer: I earned 4 swagbucks while researching this post. Only 11 to go for a tree).

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