Seal Hunt Embarrassment To Be "More Humane"


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It is an annual tradition; the world shuns Canada and threatens trade bans while hardy Newfoundlanders pursue "a tradition that dates back commercially to the 1700s". There are six million harp seals, supposedly dining on cod and in desperate need of culling. They have not hunted the whitecoated babies for years because of the cute overload factor; now they wait a few weeks to let them bond with mom and then try to kill them with clubs. They often botch the job, so this year an "independent group of veterinarians assembled by the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans proposed "a three-step method of stunning, checking and bleeding seals [that] can result in rapid, irreversible loss of consciousness and death, and thus can be a humane process."- if it ain't dead from the clubbing, slit its throat.

I am just so thrilled to see that our proud Canadian traditions are being adapted to the modern age. We are truly building a better world. ::National Post

See our earlier post on Paul McCartney at an earlier seal hunt, where many commenters came out in defence of the hunt on the basis of preserving Newfoundland culture, jobs, destruction of the fish stocks, the explosive growth of the seal population and that TreeHugger "really should hire some fact checkers."

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