Sea Shepherd Prevents Japanese Whalers From Receiving Supplies, Refueling

gojira sea shepherd photo

image: Animal Planet

An update from the Southern Ocean and the activities of Sea Shepherd in harassing the Japanese whaling fleet: According to the latest reports Sea Shepherd's scout ship Gojira has intercepted a Panamanian-registered ship, the Sun Laurel, apparently en route to refuel whalers, and has prevented that happening. The refueling ship was found at 62°43' south and 178°33' west. Refueling south of 60° latitude is illegal under the Antarctic Treaty.When contacted by Gojira's captain and queried about their intentions regarding refueling the Japanese fleet, the Sun Laurel replied that "maybe" that was their intent. Captain Locky MacLean advised the Panamanian vessel of the illegality of refueling ships below 60° south and the Sun Laurel's captain agreed to proceed north.

The Sun Laurel confirmed that no supplies had been yet transferred to Japanese vessels, nor had refueling yet taken place, since leaving Japan on December 4.

According to Sea Shepherd, there is no evidence that a single whale has yet been killed by the whalers this season.

The activities of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society are, of course, the subject of Animal Planet's Whale Wars series, the new season of which begins in summer 2011.

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Yes, this totally blurs the line between news, documentary production, and entertainment... perhaps unfortunate when whaling itself is such an important issue, bring out impassioned emotions on all sides.

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