Sea of People's Call to Action

Mark April 14th on your calendar, clear your schedule for the day, and head down to Battery Park in New York City for what could very well be the largest environmental-activist event since Earth Day 1970. Thousands of participants, all dressed in blue, are expected to show up for Sea of People, a mass rally and "interactive artistic installation" that will stretch north from the Battery, in two columns, along the projected eastern and western 10-foot waterlines of a future lower Manhattan—one that might find much of itself underwater.

The organizers' goal is 5,000 people, plus another 200 volunteers to help coordinate the ebb and flow, so to speak.

Sea Of People is a part of Step It Up 2007, a nationwide campaign that wants to send a "clear and powerful" message to Congress to cut global-warming pollution by 80 percent by 2050.

Participating organizations include the Natural Resources Defense Council, Solar One, and the Battery Conservancy. [via Ben Jervey] ::Sea of People

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