Scotland To Harness Tidal and Wave Power

The Scottish government has announced that the country plans to generate 10% of its electricity with tidal and wave power (or 18% by 2010, the source is a bit vague on when that 10% is expected). That would be the equivalent of shutting down one "huge" dirty power station, and massive investments in the marine energy industry would about 7000 jobs. "Tens of millions of pounds of support will be available -- with the potential for hundreds of millions to be invested in new wave and tidal projects around Scotland's shores," deputy First Minister Nicol Stephen said. "Under the initiative, extra incentives are to be offered to electricity companies to develop wind and wave power projects". This project comes at a time when the production from the North Sea oil fields is declining and will continue to do so (obvious reason: peak oil).

::Reuters, ::Tide turns for wave power, via ::The Oil Drum