Scientific American 50, Quite Green

The prestigious journal, Scientific American, announced its top 50 last month, wrapping up 2005’s most notable players in science and technology. Among the selections for the year was a hearty serving of very TreeHugger-ish organizations, businesses, and scientific teams from around the world. Among categories such as Practical Nanotubes and Designing Artificial Life, were the likes of More Power to Solar, Protections for the Earth’s Climate, and True Green. Given due credit were the beloved U.S. Green Building Council and William McDonough & Partners. Other architects to make the list were FX Fowle, and Foster & Partners. Hydrogen Solar, the British company using PVs to produce hydrogen from water, and the Green Chemistry Institute were also on the list, as well as two Chinese NGOs that have fought for watershed preservation and against big hydro. :: Scientific American