Schwazenegger Proposes $95 Million in Research Funding


The governor of California is at it again, this time "reaffirming California's position as a world leader in advanced research and innovation that creates jobs while preserving the environment." The research package includes $30 m for a new facility for UC Helios Project. The Helios Project has exactly one mission, to provide sustainable, carbon neutral sources of energy.

Another $40 m will be used only if a California school is awarded BP's $500 m energy and bio-sciences grant.The competition is a global initiative by BP, but only five Universities are currently the running. Two of these, Berkely and Davis, are in California, and if one of these schools wins, they will get the $40 m as well. The rest of the money is earmarked for nanotechnology and biomedical research, or the assist a bid from UC to build at $200 m petascale computer. The propsal is expected to pass and be a part of California's budget next year. ::CleanEdge. See also: ::California Approves Largest Solar Program in U.S. History, ::California Setting Another Important Precedent for Renewables, ::1500 Megawatt Wind Project Planned for California

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