Schwarzenegger Would Work for Obama. For Free.

Obama Schwarzenegger photo

California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is prepared to align his green vigour with that President Barack Obama, according to Reuters. Arnie apparently said, this Thursday just past, that he's ready to either assist Barack on the environment.

"I've made very clear that any way I can help the Obama administration to be successful, I will do so. I don't need to get paid for it, I don't even need to have an official position," he said.

Speaking in an address at the Commonwealth Club on the issue of climate change he remarked, "Did we say China, you go first with human rights, and we will follow you? No. We led." Governor Schwarzenegger's term at the helm of California will run its course in 2010, as legislation does not allow for him to stand for another consecutive run at the post. See some of previous 'Governator' posts below to to gauge his success, or otherwise in the office.

We can only live in hope that taking Arnie's lead, international governments can leave their various political persuasions at the door, as nations hunker down at the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh, to hash out some serious common ground ahead of the important upcoming UN Summit on Climate Change in December.

Via ::Reuters
Photo: Jim Young / Reuters found at the Guardian
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