Schwarzenegger To Recommend Higher Gas Prices, CO2 Reports


According to the Chicago Sun Times of February 21, 2006, Governor Schwarzenegger is planning to have California step beyond it's "information clearing house" role, and "get active", with a climate change program. Word on the street hints at less-than penny a gallon gas tax increases and mandatory reporting of carbon dioxide emissions from fixed sources. Per the Sun Times: "The proposal, drafted by the governor's senior environmental advisers, has both business groups and clean-air advocates girding for a fight in Sacramento that could have profound national environmental and political implications. With President Bush reluctant to steer federal policy toward lowering greenhouse gas emissions, states and cities have taken the lead on what most environmentalists agree is the most critical issue facing the planet".From the San Francisco Gate of February 17, 2006 : "Schwarzenegger instructed a team of administration officials, led by state EPA head Alan Lloyd, to compile a report detailing how emissions could be cut. A draft of the report was published in December; the final version is expected to be released by the end of this month.

The draft report listed dozens of options -- many already under way -- to lower emissions, ranging from requiring farmers to change the way they handle animal manure to ramping up the state's use of the wind and sun to generate electricity.

The report will be delivered to the governor's office and the Legislature. Many of the proposals would have to be enacted through legislation".