Schwarzenegger Mandates Ambitious New Renewable Energy Target - the Same as Senate Just Passed

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photo: Steve Jurvetson via flickr

You know how California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said he'd veto the state Senate's new renewable energy bill, on the grounds that it would actually stymy the growth of some solar power projects, including putting greater regulatory hurdles before solar thermal projects? Well, the Governor has made an end run around the bill and issued an executive order mandating that California get 33% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020 -- the same amount that the Senate bill required:The difference is that Schwarzenegger's order removes stipulations in the original bill that required utilities, with some exceptions, to get most of their electricity from within the state. The idea in including them was to boost job growth in the California.

But the Governor didn't see it that way, instead seeing them as protectionist.

What they have proposed is a job killer. It would give us a limited chance of reaching the goal (for cutting greenhouse gases). It would also raise rates and is protectionism to the highest level.

Under the Governor's mandate, the California Air Resources Board has been put in charge of ensuring that the 33% by 2020 goal is achieved, with guidelines coming by mid 2010.

Again, ah politics...

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