Schwarzenegger Heads Climate Coalition of Cities and Corporations

Arnold Schwarzenegger meets Tony Blair to continue his fight agains climate change photo

Schwarzenegger Continues to Push Climate Group's Together Campaign
Today on World Environment Day, Arnold Schwarzenegger will be continuing his push on climate change by helping spearhead the arrival of The Climate Group's Together campaign on the US scene, with partners that include major brands like JP Morgan Chase, Dell, MySpace, Target, Nestlé Waters, Timberland, Fox, and Time Warner as well as seven major US city governments: New York, Boston, Chicago, Miami, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. The campaign, which has been rolling in the UK for a year now, has already chieved some remarkable results, including getting Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, and London's new supposedly climate-change skeptic mayor on one video; uniting major corporations like British Gas, BSkyB and Tesco to work together to reduce emissions; and let's not forget the groundbreaking, and very funny Energy Wasting Day. More details on today's initiative follow:
About the Together Campaign (from press release)
"The new campaign "Together" will make it easier for every American to fight climate change. The campaign is already a huge success in the UK where it was launched by Tony Blair last year and has so far helped millions British consumers save half a million tonnes of CO2 and over £100 million pounds on rising household bills.

"Protecting our environment is a job that belongs to each one of us. Together will help make this possible," said California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. "By making it easier and more affordable for Americans to fight climate change, we are taking a giant step towards a brighter and cleaner future [and] saying 'Hasta la Vista' to climate change."

While the 'Hasta la Vista' line may be getting a little tired now, we are pleased to see such major political and economic forces aligning themselves with the climate change cause, and we look forward to seeing some results. We do wonder whether Arnie arrived by private jet though, again. (To be fair, he almost certainly wouldn't be the only one...)

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