Schwarzenegger: DC Full of "Wimps" Who Let Oil Companies Win (Video)

Screengrab: ABC

California Arnold Schwarzenegger had some harsh words for Washington politicians -- perhaps especially the Obama administration -- during his interview with Diane Sawyer earlier in the week. He said that Washington DC is full of "wimps" who backed down on energy and environmental policy after the oil companies lobbied them -- and then he called on our leaders to "stand up and fight" them. Rousing words from a man whose legacy will likely end up being his commitment to clean energy and fighting climate change. Watch:

Say what you will about the rest of Schwarzenegger's colorful, often controversial tenure as governor, there's no disputing that the nation needs more politicians who are willing to passionately voice support for climate and clean energy reform. He's a major reason that California will continue to lead the nation in innovation, this time in clean technology. And he's stood by the climate law he signed that reduces the state's emissions, fighting the Texas oil-backed Prop 23 campaign to overturn it tooth and nail.

And by and large, he's right on -- the Obama administration, and Democratic politicians in general, have let oil companies push them around. Even in the face of the worst oil spill in American history, they've ceded a brief offshore drilling moratorium and made next to no progress in updating our backwards energy policy, which is still stuffed with subsidies to oil companies to this day. We should be fighting the oil companies, who have spent millions to oppose climate policy and support anti-climate science politicians to entrench the nation's dependence on fossil fuels -- and the politicians we elect to protect our interests as citizens should be fighting too.

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