Schumacher College Connects Sustainability and Business Leadership

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Schumacher College in the UK is known to many as an environmental science college, but recently the institution has seen the potential of opening a channel of communication with big business. Forging connections between the business world and the contemporary environmental movement is one of the key challenges of moving sustainability into the mainstream.

TreeHugger has actively encouraged business leaders to contribute to, comment on and become involved with the green community, in an effort to help them feel engaged with the key sustainability issues of our times. In the same spirit of inclusion this autumn Schumacher College is offering a series of short courses designed for leaders in business. Click over the page to find out which course is for you.The Programme's Overview
"Leaders need a personal route towards inner and outer sustainability. Furthermore, achieving real progress towards sustainability requires identifying the right goals and strategies, and creating ownership of these processes within organisations."

The Sustainability and Leadership courses:
1. The Personal Challenge, October 14 – 17 2008
This experiential course is designed for senior executives and will be lead by Richard Olivier, artistic director of Olivier Mythodrama. "Mythodrama is a new and highly successful form of leadership development. Its unique methodology combines great stories, theatre practice, psychology and philosophy with organisational development techniques to provide transformational learning events.

"The sessions utilise Shakespeare’s timeless play As You Like It. Participants will explore for themselves a fascinating journey of renewal, philosophical thinking, creative expression and new possibilities, an invaluable process for leaders in sustainability."

2. The Organisational Challenge, October 27 – 31 2008
"This course will provide participants with first hand experience from different organisations and businesses showing creativity in leadership for sustainability. Expert teachers and facilitators, who have, in exceptional ways, pioneered successes within different challenging environments, will lead the course. Participants will be inspired by these examples and supported in developing an innovative approach to their own leadership challenges."

The course leaders are Allan Jones, CEO of the the London Climate Change Agency, Gaynor Coley, Managing Director and Deputy CEO of the Eden Project, Nick Robins, Head of HSBC’s Climate Change Centre of Excellence, Paul Dickinson, CEO and Founder of the Carbon Disclosure Project,

3. Systems Thinking in Practice, 9 – 27 March 2009
This three week course (you can choose the number of weeks you attend) is intended for: "social entrepreneurs, community leaders, designers, policymakers at all levels, and concerned individuals who want insights into the most effective ways to become active for social change."

The course will take the following format: Week 1 - Gunter Pauli, head of the ZERI Foundation, takes the theme Nature as Inspiration; Week 2 - Don Beck, developer of Spiral Dynamics, will address Social Transformation, Week 3 - John Wood, Professor of Design at Goldsmiths, will discuss how designers can think more innovatively and responsibly about their practice and Rob Hopkins will talk about the Transition Towns movement.

A community experience
All three courses offer expert knowledge, ground-breaking thinking and use innovative workshop methods, but it is not just the course's content that business leaders will benefit from during their time at Schumacher. The College prides itself on 'the whole experience' and participants on these residential courses will have a chance to engage with the stunning Dartmoor landscape, get active in the garden and cook meals for the group. There is a community atmosphere that is a key part of the course and many people leave the College feeling like they've had a transformative experience.

Visit the Schumacher website to book a place on one of these courses.

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